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Green Microgrids – New Era of Energy Independence is here.

Green Microgrids Energy of Independence 

A Green Microgrid consists of green energy generation and green energy storage that can power a building, campus, or community independently of the traditional aging macro electric grid. A green microgrid that is disconnected from the utility grid is called Islandable Green Microgrid or simply Autonomous Green Microgrid.

Community Autonomous Green Microgrids

Autonomous Community Green Microgrids are designed or produce, store and distribute green energy independent to the aging macrogrid. They operate autonomously in ‘islandable mode’ at all times. Autonomous Green Microgrids, beyond the prosperity that bring to areas with unstable or even unavailable energy due to geographical, weather, political and other reasons, also reduce the high costs of electricity and heating energy, and vehicles fuel, as they harvest free green energy from the environment everyday.

Because autonomous Community Green  Microgrids are often small and designed and built from clean sheet, they usually incorporate the latest technologies and best practices from the global energy sector. This way they drive significantly innovationin energy, vehicles and more. It is almost always very challenging to implement energy innovation in the larger power sector, because of incumbent interests and older, aging pre-existing in large scales infrastructure.

Commercial & Industrial Autonomous Green Microgrids

Commercial & Industrial autonomous Green Microgrids are growing quickly across the world. Main reasons for the installation of a Commercial and/or Industrial autonomous Green  Microgrid are power supply security, stability and its reliability, as well as reduction of energy cost and sustainability. There are many manufacturing processes in which an interruption and/or fluctuation of the power supply may cause high revenue losses, equipment damages and long start-up time. Commercial & Industrial autonomous Green Microgrids are designed many times to supply circular economy (near-)zero-emission industrial processes, and can integrate combined heat and power (CHP) generation, being fed by both renewable sources and waste processing. Smart AI green hydrogen energy storage is used to optimize the operations of these sub-systems.

Military & Law Enforcement Autonomous Green Microgrids

These autonomous green microgrids are being actively deployed with focus on both physical and cyber security for military and law enforcement facilities, in order to assure reliable and autonomous power supply for their critical operations without relying on the traditional and sensitive in between other factors to enemy and terrorist attacks.


Autonomous Green Microgrids fast exponentially growing global mass market 

Autonomous Green Microgrids are exponentially emerging as the new platforms of creating, storing and distributing locally green energy, independently of the century-old utility macro grid monopoly.

These small scale adaptations of decentralized power systems, previously just used during power outages, are now fast acquiring a new mass of customers. Specifically, as weather conditions, becomes more severe and energy costs hit new highs a big section of the mass market  turns to green microgrids energy platforms, as the new innovative way to power up its energy needs.

Customers of 21st century are looking to ensure continuous energy supply at stable prices in various forms, as electricity, heating, car fuel and more, regardless of the weather or unforeseen geopolitical and other events.

Microgrids allow anyone from a hospital building, university campus, residential community, or even a rural farm to generate, store and distribute their locally produced green energy with new sophisticated ways that were unimaginable even a few years ago.

Modern autonomous green microgrids by adapting latest technology systems, are able to decrease energy costs, and allow to their users to depart from their serving utility companies with power grids, and gas fuel stations, all together, while they are  fully green.


21st Century New Energy Model Paradigm

Autonomous Green Microgrids fast change the fundamentals of the old aging macro grid utility and gas station model, as they proliferate at high speeds the mass consumer market.  Overall, the conventional grid is showing that simply is unable to provide the energy reliability, sustainability and quantities that mass market demands worldwide. 

With the average power plant in the U.S. over multiple decades old and with the majority of transmission lines and transformers even older a lot of times, autonomous green microgrids offer the innovative, convenient and economical way to replace existing energy infrastructure with efficient autonomous green energy production, frequency/voltage regulation improvements, load balancing, and green power quality and stability. As climate change continuously gets addressed through government bills, proposed legislation is introducing great opportunities for autonomous green microgrid funding in continuous efforts to support clean energy initiatives.

As we watch regulators and utilities iron out the details of green energy, the private sector is driving the market. Many energy consulting firms are forecasting cumulative green microgrid investments of multiple hundreds of USD billions over the next years. One of the fastest growing sectors of autonomous green microgrid use is among the largest U.S. corporations. Businesses are installing autonomous green microgrids to reduce costs, lessen or eliminate carbon emissions, and improve their energy demand flow and reliability. In fact, one of the most cost-effective ways a corporation can invest in a renewable energy project is by investing in autonomous green microgrids, that will provide highest ESG indexes, government green grants, energy costs savings, social brand recognition and more.

The quest to create a zero-carbon future and the drive for a more resilient, flexible power, with stable costs, independently of severity of weather, geopolitical and other events, drive autonomous green microgrids growth at high speeds as they bring reliability and prosperity to societies, communities and business entities, worldwide.


Hydron cutting-Edge Autonomous Green Microgrids Energy

Hydron is revolutionizing the vital energy supply for every activity of our modern societies with autonomous production, storage and distribution of green electricity, heat, car and vessel mobility and more.  Ever since we first started developing our hydrogen autonomous energy technologies, we follow our vision to bring self-sufficient and fully green energy to every community, across the world. Hydron has been steadfast in its vision to push the upper limits of the green energy technologies to the new green hydrogen economy. Today, Hydron autonomous green micro grids empowered with its revolutionary hydrogen compact reactors are the product of our multi year scientific Research & Development. They represent a significant technological advancement towards our next-gen economy and civilization, with fully autonomous and green energy and water resources.
Societies and communities are able to be energy and water self-sufficient and power up their future with fully green hydrogen energy.


Hydron Autonomous Green Hydrogen Reactors

Hydron green hydrogen autonomous reactors have compact standard sizes and can be used in permanent or temporary cases and locations, practically anywhere in the world. We design them to seize renewable green energy and store it in hydrogen through water electrolysis for any desirable duration.
Hydron green hydrogen reactors are empowered with innovative PEM green electrolysis process, purification and storage technology. Green hydrogen produced in Hydron autonomous reactors is at the heart of Hydron Green Micro Grids that power up houses, schools, public buildings and the exponentially growing mass market of hydrogen vehicles.
The produced green hydrogen can stay stored for very long periods and can be released on demand to match 100% the fluctuations of energy demand of the connected communities. Hydron green autonomous microgrids provide full independence from the aging electric and gas grid, fossil fuel car stations and other energy grids.
Hydron cloud platform and its green reactors innovative Artificial Intelligence provide optimal green hydrogen production management, storage and usage operations.
The production of fully green and autonomous green hydrogen energy reduces humanitarian crises, as the creation of climate refugees due to extreme weather, droughts, and threats to stability and livelihood.
Green hydrogen economy saves lives and highly powers up social and economic prosperity of our civilization.


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