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Green Hygrogen Certification

Standard H2.21: The verification for the documentation of green carbon-neutral hydrogen production.

The demand for green hydrogen is increasing exponentially worldwide. In Hydron in coordination with  government bodies and world class certification agencies, we are providing full support for the certification of production of hydrogen with only renewable resources.  We are offering the world class specification for the certification of green hydrogen: Standard H2.21 Green Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen.

It allows to our clients that use our green microgrids with green hydrogen as the platform of energy, to document its fully environmentally friendly production,.

This certification usually opens up the eligibility for government and private equity funding, as well the sell of green hydrogen produced in the green microgrid to the free market.


Why is there a certification for green hydrogen?

The production of green hydrogen requires the input of green energy from renewable resources to power up the electrolysis. Since all strategies for the future use of hydrogen in terms of sustainability are aimed at strengthening the expansion of carbon-neutral or green hydrogen, we highly encourage our clients to certify the Hydron green microgrid, with our recommend international accepted standards. The corresponding certification provides hydrogen owners with an independent and internationally recognized verification of the climate-neutrality of their hydrogen.


What is included in a certification and how is procedure?

Along the entire green hydrogen production in Hydron microgrids, we keep CO2 neutral. The green hydrogen certification certifies the CO2 neutrality on the:

  • Production methods (e. g. electrolysis, steam reforming, chlor-alkali process, etc.),
  • Transport methods (e. g. gas networks/pipelines, hydrogen tanks, etc.)
  • Applications of hydrogen (e. g. powering mobility, low-CO2 production in the industry, generation of electricity and heat, etc.).

Regardless of the life cycle stage of the hydrogen (production, distribution, use) – with our certification for green hydrogen, our clients provide evidence that as the owners of Hydron microgrids, are supplying the hydrogen to the recipient in a climate-neutral manner.


Benefits from our certification.

With the certification of a carbon-friendly production of hydrogen, our clients transparently and independently document that they produce green energy supply with fully environmentally friendly Hydron reactors and microgrids. At the same time, our clients communicate their fully sustainable strategy and capabilities to the outside world, which opens up significant opportunities for green funding from governments and world class private funding groups, pension funds and much more. Furthermore, it provides provides to our certified clients with very strong competitive edge, that strengthens the trust of their customers and business partners, with the published and certified high green indexes of their operations.


Create recognition with our mark for green  hydrogen production.

With the successful certification of green hydrogen production, you will be awarded with personal certificate and with the right to use it worldwide. We award the test mark with the following key words:

Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen and Periodic Surveillance: Upon successful certification and re-certification, certificate and test mark are issued with the key words “Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen” and “Regular Surveillance”.

Green Hydrogen: If the carbon-neutral hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water and if the electricity used for this electrolysis comes exclusively from renewable energies, the key word “Green Hydrogen” is awarded in addition.


Green Hydrogen Certification World Class Benefits

  • Autonomy
  • Compact size
  • Green Electrolysis
  • High PEM efficiency 
  • High longevity 25+ years
  • Full heat, electricity and hydrogen fuel autonomy
  • Portability

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