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Autonomous Green Energy Platforms

  Ever since we first started developing our hydrogen autonomous energy technologies, we follow our vision to bring self-sufficient and fully green energy to every community, across the world. We have been steadfast in our vision to push the upper limits of the green energy technologies to the new green hydrogen economy.

The periodic table’s first element is hydrogen. It s the universe’s oldest and most abundant element. Hydrogen is found in molecules like water H₂O, as its one of its two basic ingredients. We extract the hydrogen stored in the water through the process of  ELECTROLYSIS. When the electrolysis is power up with renewable energy, like solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and other energy resources, we call the produced hydrogen: GREEN HYDROGEN.

The produced Green Hydrogen is an excellent and versatile energy platform to generate electricity, heat and power up the mass wave of new hydrogen cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Today, our revolutionary hydrogen compact reactors are the product of our multi year scientific Research & Development. They represent a significant technological advancement towards our next-gen economy and civilization, with fully autonomous and green energy and water resources.
Societies and communities are able to be energy and water self-sufficient and power up their future with fully green hydrogen energy.


Hydron green hydrogen autonomous reactors have compact standard sizes and can be used in permanent or temporary cases and locations, practically anywhere in the world. We design them to seize renewable green energy and store it in hydrogen through water electrolysis for any desirable duration.
Our hydrogen reactors are empowered with our innovative green electrolysis process, purification and storage technology. Green hydrogen produced with Hydron autonomous reactors is at the heart of our Green Microgrids that power up houses, schools, public buildings and the exponentially growing mass market of hydrogen vehicles.
The produced green hydrogen can stay stored for very long periods and can be released on demand to match 100% the fluctuations of energy demand of the connected communities. Hydron green autonomous reactors provide full independence from the grid, fossil fuel and other energy grids.
Hydron cloud platform and our innovative Artificial Intelligence provide optimal management for the production, storage and usage operations of green hydrogen energy.
Green hydrogen economy saves lives and highly powers up social and economic of our civilization.

  • Autonomy
  • Compact size
  • Green Electrolysis
  • High PEM efficiency 
  • High longevity 25+ years
  • Full heat, electricity and hydrogen fuel autonomy
  • Portability
Green Hydrogen Reactors 2.0

Hydron 2.0 reactors synoptic specs with fully powered up green electrolysis.

SpecsLarge XMedium MSmall S
Input Power50 Kw25 Kw15 Kw
Green Hydrogen1 Kg/h0.4 Kg/h0.15 Kg/h

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