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Microgrids Game Changer with Autonomous Green Energy on Demand for End User


By Kenneth Stevens, Hydron Inc.

President Business Developments EU & Africa, Hydron inc., 


The ability to produce and store energy locally in green hydrogen powered up exclusively by renewable resources like solar and wind and clean water electrolysis, and use it when it’s needed on demand, is the game changer in the development of our societies worldwide in the 21st century.

Green energy local production and storage in green hydrogen is a major breakthrough on the energy supply on demand, as it highly improves energy reliability, and facilitates the integration of renewable energy directly onto the end consumer. The new generation of production and storage technologies of green hydrogen provide the significant infrastructure to dispatch automatically the green energy when it is needed, and offer the invaluable capability of staying independent of the electric and heating gas aged grids, as well as the fossil fuel stations for cars.

States and governments have already recognized the vital role of the green hydrogen energy autonomous production and  storage in microgrids formations, and have started setting bold objectives of green energy storage by 2030.

The green energy local production and storage infrastructure provides clean, renewable energy directly to the consumer and independent of the grid. During blue sky days renewable energy production platforms harness the green energy from the sun and windy days from the wind. Green hydrogen storage energy smooths the flow of the energy on demand to the users of the local microgrids, as the production of the green energy is fluctuating and available only at certain times, e.g. solar energy is available during the day and unavailable during the evening when families are back at home.

Green energy autonomous storage provides also, resilience and uninterrupted power to critical facilities, as defense and law enforcement installations, as well as at emergency, medical and civil support operations in the events of unplanned major outages. End-users experience these major outages, during Superstorms, earthquakes, wild fires and more that devastate multiple areas every year, worldwide.

As the cost of energy from solar and wind has dropped exponentially in recent years, similarly the prices of green hydrogen energy production  and storage platforms are declining fast as well. Meanwhile, the regulatory landscape for green hydrogen energy autonomous production and storage is evolving at high speeds, that boosts the overall green energy autonomous production and  storage market growth in leaps.


Cost-effective green hydrogen energy autonomous production and storage plays key role to green and independent energy transition of 21st century

The high performance and versatility of stored green hydrogen is opening significant opportunities for new applications and operations at federal, state and city, town levels. Green hydrogen can produce with high efficiency electricity, heat and power up as well the new massive wave of hydrogen vehicles.


HYDRON advanced technology of green hydrogen storage platforms

Hydron is implementing into its green energy autonomous microgrids the latest technology of green hydrogen production and storage systems. Hydron is using green hydrogen storage platforms made by carbon fiber and other advanced materials suitable for green hydrogen energy storage utilization, innovative Artificial Intelligence and latest sensors technology. Our green energy autonomous production and storage technologies provide to the end-users significant benefits on:

  • Green energy availability smoothing: Green hydrogen autonomous production and storage makes the availability of green energy produced by solar and wind, and other renewable energy production smooth and reliable to the local end-users. It totally eliminates the fluctuations of green energy availability, because of weather, sunlight and wind changes.

  • Distribution Deferral: It addresses the overload on the energy distribution during peak hours for the local microgrids e.g. in the evening when families are back home, and defers the need for distribution system upgrades.

  • Mobile Storage for Outage Management: It provides high mobility, as Hydron’s certified green hydrogen storage tanks can be loaded and moved fast into other locations that need power, like construction projects, humanitarian missions, defense and law enforcement operations, outdoor movie productions and more.

  • Microgrids for Critical Facilities: Green hydrogen autonomous production and  storage enables critical facilities, to maintain a reliable supply of energy during any weather conditions and unplanned outages.

  • Peak Reduction for Municipal and other Public Facilities: Green hydrogen autonomous production and storage reserves green energy for public facilities to support the energy flow during peak demand and ultimately reduce bills for public sector customers.

Over the past decade, the energy sector has undergone significant transformations towards green energy, driven primarily by changes, in fuel prices, technological advancements and government policies that encourage renewable energy. The exponential development and establishment of green energy microgrids that are able to produce, store and distribute locally, and independently from the aging macrogrids, green energy directly to the end-users is creating already a revolution. Green hydrogen energy autonomous production and storage locally, and its use on demand by the microgrids end-users plays of the most important roles in the development of our societies in the 21st century.

The role of green energy storage is centric. Green hydrogen autonomous production and storage allows the seamless integration of renewable energy production to end-users microgrids, reduces renewable and other forms of energy curtailments, enhances green energy reliability and resilience, defers transmission and distribution grid very costly upgrades and maintenance, and allows customers control over their energy needs and consumption. Furthermore, it enables the fill up of hydrogen vehicles locally. Green energy autonomous production and local storage is emerging as a central element in planning and policy across the U. S., E.U. and multiple other countries worldwide.

Hydron is providing state-of-the-art green hydrogen energy microgrids that produce, store and distribute green energy, totally autonomously and independent of the old electric and heating gas grids and car fuel stations.

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