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Residential and office heating represents a big part of our energy needs, at the level of about 30%. The production and use of absolute zero emissions green heat is a major objective towards our path to a fully green economy.

Replace heating technologies and methods that still run on fossil fuels and methane gas with alternatives that run totally on green energy platforms with absolute zero emissions is a technological, social and economic leap.

The need for green heat is well understood for our green future. For decades, heating remains extremely dirty with high emissions of CO, CO2 and other poisonous gasses and molecules for the human body and environment, while they remain very inefficient.

Home energy distribution. 


The context for green  technologies for the production, distribution and use of green heating has been very popular over the recent years, alongside with the exponentially growing concerns over global warming and environmental pollution. Avoiding dangerous climate change and polluting the environment  means getting as close and as fast to ABSOLUTE ZERO CARBON emissions energy systems  as possible. 


Consumer heating energy technologies usually run run on A. fossil fuels as diesel and B. natural methane gas. 

When fossil-fuel-derived greenhouse gases reach the atmosphere, they alter their composition, hindering Earth’s ability to regulate surface temperatures. Naturally, the planet absorbs solar radiation, creates heat, warms its surface, gathers excess energy and sends it to space. Fossil fuel emissions limit the atmosphere’s ability to process and release sunlight efficiently. 

They have a higher sunlight-to-heat conversion rate, overproducing warmth. Additionally, emissions trap and reprocess excess energy instead of sending it to space. The overproduction and entrapment of heat raises the planet’s temperature over time. Increased global temperatures create a ripple effect of environmental degradation, expanding from localized air pollution to water scarcity. Degrading indoor and outdoor air quality causes significant respiratory, eyesight and more health issues,

100% green homes strive to reduce the enhanced greenhouse effects and environment pollution conserving the atmosphere’s natural composition. Their residents transition away from the reliance on fossil fuels towards emission-less energy sources to power home heaters. As Hydrogen is very versatile and powerful energy platform and can store the energy produced by renewable resources like from solar and wind power over time, it can very well heat up houses with fully green energy.

Since we know how to produce and use 100% clean heat, beginning replacing fossil fuel heating tech with fully green platforms is vital for our green and healthy future.


Today most consumers get their house heating energy mostly from the natural methane gas grid and fossil fuel burning systems, even those who have solar panels in their house rooftops. Both of these old technologies pollute heavily the environment and put at risk human health.

Green hydrogen which is produced with the split of natural water to hydrogen and oxygen with the use of electricity by renewable sources as solar and wind, is a great GREEN ENERGY PLATFORM for heating. Stored green hydrogen can be used very effectively to heat up houses either by burning within hydrogen boilers and/or producing electricity with fuel cells. Both methods are totally clean environmentally and human body friendly. They highly accelerate our transition to absolutely green residences in the fully green future.


The path of transition of our global economy to green is going through the production of, distribution and use of 100% green heating. Heating is representing 30% of our home energy needs. Green heat is one of the most important objectives towards our path to green economy worldwide.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through Autonomous Green Microgrids.

Hydron Autonomous Green Microgrids totally eliminate the pollution of the fossil fuel heating platforms, as they are fully green and guarantee the transition to zero emissions at fast pace and very economically.  

They are capable to provide 100% Green Heat for:

  1.  Residential Communities.
  2. Small and Medium size Business.
  3. Commercial Buildings and Malls..

With Hydron Autonomous Green Energy Microgrids communities produce, store and use locally their own green energy. They overcome like this, all the challenges of energy dependency, while their create absolutely 100% green residential spaces, that highly elevate the quality and status of life.

  • Autonomy
  • Compact size
  • Green Electrolysis
  • High efficiency 
  • High longevity 25+ years
  • Full heat, electricity and hydrogen fuel autonomy
  • Portability

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