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Green Oxygen Production

Hydron autonomous green energy Microgrids, produce also green oxygen during their innovative water electrolysis. The produced oxygen is fully green as it is generated through electrolysis totally powered up with renewable green energy in our reactors. It can be released free in the atmosphere or it can be stored and traded as valuable medical and/or industrial green oxygen.

Green Oxygen Production

Hydron green hydrogen autonomous reactors indicative oxygen production.

  • Autonomy
  • Compact size
  • Green Electrolysis
  • High green energy efficiency 
  • High longevity 25+ years
  • Full heat, electricity and hydrogen fuel autonomy
  • Portability
Green Oxygen Production

Hydron reactors indicative green oxygen production with fully powered up green electrolysis.

SpecsLarge XMedium MSmall S
Input Power50 Kw25 Kw15 Kw
Green Hydrogen1 Kg/h0.4 Kg/h0.15 Kg/h

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