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Honda with GM to build hydrogen cars

 Honda is set to launch the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric CR-V in 2024 in joint venture with GM.

The automaker has revealed that the Ohio-built SUV will use technology developed in partnership with General Motors.

Fuel cells combine hydrogen stored in tanks with atmospheric oxygen through a catalyst to create water, the process generating electricity and H2O vapor. Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems are much  lighter than battery packs and can be refueled as quickly as a gasoline-powered vehicle.

Joint Venture

Both automakers have been experimenting with the technology separately, with Honda briefly selling a fuel cell-powered Clarity car that was hamstrung by high costs and a lack of public fueling infrastructure outside of California, where it was sold.

Hydrogen vehicle fuel cell developed ny Honda nad GM. According to Honda, the next-generation system will cut production costs to one-third of what they are now and by half again in the coming years.

Honda only expects to build 2,000 of the CR-Vs in 2025 and up to 60,000 fuel cell vehicles annually by 2030. It  sees the output growing to hundreds of thousands by the early 2030s.


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