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EU new binding targets for green hydrogen by 2030

At least 42% of all H2 used in industry must be renewable by 2030

European Parliament and Council of EU ministers reached a provisional agreement for 42% of all hydrogen used in industry to be renewable by 2030, while also setting new targets for green H2 use in transport. The proportion of green hydrogen that must be used by industry will rise to 60% in 2035.

Green Hydrogen in Transport

The agreement on the Renewable Energy Directive also sets binding targets for the use of green hydrogen in transport.

Member states can choose between a 14.5% reduction of greenhouse gas intensity in transport from the use of renewables by 2030, or at least a 29% share of renewables within the final consumption of energy in the transport sector by 2030. So this would largely be the use of renewable energy in green vehicles.

‘We finally have clear investment signals through binding targets for renewable hydrogen in both industry and transport,’ said Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of trade body Hydrogen Europe.

‘Hydrogen Europe welcomes the adoption of this key piece of legislation, which forms the foundation for a solid clean hydrogen economy in Europe. This directive solves one of the largest pieces of the hydrogen puzzle, setting a predictable market volume for renewable hydrogen.’

The hydrogen targets are part of the wider Renewable Energy Directive, which raises the EU’s binding renewables target from 32% of the bloc’s electricity by 2030 to 42.5%, with an aim of reaching 45% by the end of the decade.

Also included in the directive are new “faster and easier” permitting procedures for renewables projects, with dedicated “acceleration areas” in each member state — which will also benefit green hydrogen projects.


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