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Green Energy Ambassador - Action Movies Star

Oleg Prudius

Green Innovation
Sports & Gymnastics

Oleg, as celebrated as he is through his extended carrer in professional sports and movies actor, still he is very active on his first love to protect our planet. Through the US Kickboxing Association (USKBA) in New York City, he was discovered by Spike Lee who immediately offered him a role in his production 25th Hour (2002) where Oleg made his film debut. After winning the US Open Sambo World Cup in 2005, legendary wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett took notice and immediately brought him to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) headquarters to meet Vince McMahon. He signed a Developmental Contract Deal with the WWE.

Oleg quickly impressed with his unique talent, background and skill set and quickly became a fan favorite. He dominated through the ranks of WWE, winning both solo and Tag Team Heavyweight Championships. By 2011, he left WWE for Japan’s Inoki Genome Federation (IGF) seeking a purer experience in mixed martial arts. Focusing on acting and producing, Oleg partnered up with longtime Hollywood director and producer- Bernard Salzmann to form Quasar Entertainment, one of the most progressive 3-D and 5K post production companies. Oleg is promoting around the world as Hydron Global Ambassador all the latest green energy technologies and game changing autonomous green microgrids.


Oleg grew up with a love for sports and everything martial arts. He started at an early age competing in Sambo and Judo, which he immediately dominated in official competitions. At just 17 years old, he was recruited to play in US Football. Oleg chose to play at Santa Barbara CC, where he excelled as a towering two way presence and was awarded with a berth on the WSC All Conference Team in 2000. After college, he chose to play professionally in the European Football League (EFL) in Germany where he was named MVP to the EuroBowl after helping his team win the Cup. He play professionally in WWE World Wrestling Entertainment for years. He elevates his very successful career by acting very successfully in movie and original series.

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