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Lead Optimization & AI Engineer

Evan Gern

Green Innovation
AI & Robotics

Evan, the Lead Optimization Data & AI Engineer,has a Master in Robotics and AI automation. He brings a wealth of expertise honed over several years, with a primary focus on leveraging and optimizing the capabilities of Data, AI, and Deep Learning through the utilization of Cloud Infrastructure. His extensive involvement in AI and Robotics projects within the Aerospace industry and research domain encompasses cutting-edge areas such as Computer Vision, Robot perception, and AI Control.

His deep knowledge in advanced AI and automation encompasses adeptness in data analysis, algorithmic innovation, simulation, and code development, allowing him to conceive and evaluate a multitude of models across an broad array of innovative applications


Evan is an accomplished professional with a Master's degree in Robotics and AI automation. With a strong background in Research and Development for the Aerospace industry, he specializes in building efficient data pipelines at scale to feed custom-made advanced AI models for optimizing mass production processes. As the leader of the Hydron AI scientific team, Evan is at the forefront of driving advancements in green hydrogen technologies automation, aiming to make them a widely accessible worldwide.
Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds rejuvenation and inspiration in exploring renowned trails and mountains across the globe. Surrounded by nature's vibrant greenery, he taps into his intuitive research instincts and ignites his innovative spirit.

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